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Biscotti Bricks and Daydreaming

I used to write plays.

“Used to” sounds so final.

Perhaps I should say that I used to be in constant playwriting mode and always had a notebook with me. Today, I got the urge to write and the only thing I had to write on was a pocket-size monthly planner from the local credit union.

January’s inspirational thought was “character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.” Ah. Very deep and strangely true.

No author mentioned, though. They didn’t even bother to write “Anonymous.” Terrible. But good quote.

I had coffee with my friend Celess, a person I find to be quite hilarious in that she doesn’t know that she’s funny, which makes her all the more funny.

I ordered a cappuccino–skim, no sweetener–and biscotti. Biscotti is near and dear to my heart. Some way, some how, I have fallen for making regular batches of biscotti and ordering biscotti from whichever coffeshop I find myself in. I’ve become a biscotti analyst without having a drop of Italian in me.

The overall flavor was acceptable, but the texture…there was no texture. These biscotti were closer to little bricks than little cookies. And the little bricks needed a good two minute soaking before any bites were possible. Had I bit down without dunking, I surely would have chipped a tooth. I understand that the cookie needs to be twice-baked in order to call itself biscotti, but is the dental damage really necessary?

The biscotti made me think of my biscotti (which I really love), which made me think of Maddy Lu, which made me think of this blog. This post is experimental in nature. It is recipe-less. Thoughts? Reactions? Comments?

Instead of baking, I’d like you to spend some time day-dreaming.

When I think of myself cooking or baking, roughly the same image comes to mind. I’m at my island, wearing my tangerine paisley apron, mixing flour and whatever else in a big bowl with a large wooden spoon.


No, I also have a peppercorn grinder.

Hm. Gingerbread?

I don’t know. There’s a red sauce simmering in a small saucepan on the stovetop.

A raspberry compote?

I don’t think so. I just added Tabasco to it. What am I making? Can anyone tell me?

Now, it’s your turn. When you imagine yourself cooking or baking, what are you making? Write in with your dish.

Maybe it’s something normal like chocolate chip cookies or a stir fry, but I really want to know if someone else sees a simmering red sauce.