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Caramels and Contractions

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It was a November night a lot like this one, but rewind about 365 days. I had already bleached the bathroom three times that week, folded baby boy Onesies, re-folded baby boy Onesies, and packed my bags. Twice. I (Jessica) stood over the sink and made my decision— tonight, it would be the caramel apples.
And so the hunt began. Our initial obstacle was the caramels. At the first three stops we came up with nothing. I begged Andrew to check just one more place. I NEEDED to make these apples tonight. The baby would be here in just a few days and I wanted to have them as gifts to give family and friends who helped us watch the dog during our hospital stay. Well, we found the caramels, headed home, and I stood over the stove and rubbed my hands together. I was ready to begin.
And then— it began. Just… not what I was expecting to begin. Everything started as a twinge. And then a cramp. And then one more. And then I was sitting on the floor. And then five minutes went by and I was sitting on the floor again. I kept pressing on towards the goal. I had to finish these apples. Had to top them with nuts. Had to drizzle the chocolate. Had to shove sticks in their tops.
Andrew watched me like I was crazy. He was the crazy one—he had his watch and was timing my every contraction. He just swore they were getting closer together and begged me to call the doctor. I didn’t want to overreact, but his pleas got the best of me. We called, I went, a few hours later labor stopped, and we came back home.
Long story short, Isaiah was born sometime the next day.  But caramel apples remind me of that special time, especially since I lived off of the leftovers during his first weeks.
We had a caramel apple special last week. We got so much support—thank you. And to those of you who didn’t order an apple, maybe this post will make you jealous enough to order one next time around. Enjoy the pictures.


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