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A Birthday and A Baby: A Sweet Story

Like anyone, Erica is complex. She can be soft and teary-eyed or wild and unashamed. (I can hear her shouting “Woo-woooo!” as I write.) She’s a beautiful person with a sweet tooth and a taste for the good stuff–chocolate.

And she just turned twenty-five.

Her husband needed a cake for her. A small, simple one for a casual dessert party.

We went with three layers of our wonderfully moist and deliciously decadent chocolate cake, our tasty vanilla buttercream frosting, and rich chocolate coating.

We chose antique rose for the base color and chocolate browns for the decoration.

Erica's cake

The cake was simple, yet elegant–very much like Erica.

Happy Birthday, Erica.

Speaking of birthdays, there’s a little baby coming soon. Baby Job is due to arrive on October 1st to parents-to-be Allie and Adam. Maddy Lu made the dessert table for Allie’s baby shower.

The menu was as follows:

miniature red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, miniature moist mocha cupcakes with cappuccino frosting, miniature vanilla cupcakes with blueberry buttercream frosting, chocolate peanut butter cake pops, blueberry pinwheel cookies made with our very own blueberry preserves, soft gingerbread drop cookies, and sugar cookie cut-outs.

Congratulations, Allie and Adam. We look forward to meeting you, Baby Job.

Birthdays and babies–lovely, lively parts of life.

Now, onto peach preserves…

It’s strange, but I’ve begun to feel naked without my apron on.


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