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A Toyota to Tom’s River

We packed up the Toyota and clink-clanked our way to Tom’s River. We could have hired a horse and carriage. A horse and wagon would have been more like it, actually. The clinking was the vase in the back and the clanking was from my practically strutless car. Why did we take it?

It seemed like a good idea at the time–just like the instant mashed potatoes and chocolate covered strawberries at midnight. Oh and Life cereal to get some whole grain in there. I heard later that Jessica was having a turkey hotdog on sliced bread with salad at that hour. I think she did far better than me even though she argues that there was an excessive amount of garlicky dressing on her salad. Boo-hoo. Slightly sweet cereal with powdery potatoes or hotdog and salad?

I did have strange dreams that night involving mashed potatoes and the letter V.

V is for Victoria. Victoria is getting married and Maddy Lu had the honor of putting together a dessert table for her bridal shower. The dessert menu was as follows:

fudgy mocha cake pops, miniature raspberry-lemonade cupcakes, miniature boston cream cupcakes, blueberry bread skewers, lemony sugar cookies, and chocolate covered strawberries.

And yes, we piped V on the strawberries and on the cookies.

Now, do you understand why I was eating chocolate covered strawberries at that hour and having nightmares about the letter V?

We had a great time setting up the sweet table. And I hear they had a great time eating our foods.

Love it.

Happy wedding, Victoria.


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  1. Victoria J. Smith

    Kelsey!!!! 🙂

    This was one of the most beautifully-appointed goody layout I’ve ever seen!
    I loved it soooooo much. The lemony cookies, the purple-dipped strawberries and the cake pops were so amazing delicious I had to fight myself from eating the remaining 9 the next day!!!!!!!!

    Thank you soooo much!!!!

    I will remember it for years to come!!!!!


    God bless you!


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