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Cake and Cake

“She’s young, Hoss.” He wasn’t deterred. He was determined to marry her.

It was love at first sight. Or so the story goes. I don’t doubt it. My grandmother is lovely and I’m sure she was just as lovely  that day.

A young girl of sixteen comes into a store to visit  her aunt and the young man behind the counter spots the girl and is won over. He found his wife.

On July 14, 1951, Horst and Jane were married and honeymooned at the Jersey Shore. She was seventeen and he nineteen.

Six children, many grandchildren, and a few great-grandchildren later, Horst and Jane are still happily married. Last Thursday they celebrated sixty years of marriage and Maddy Lu made their cake.

My grandmother has a very clean, vintage-chic sort of style, so we tried to capture that in the look of the cake. At first we thought we’d re-create a wedding cake from 1951, but soon realized that that was not the way to go. An ornate white on white cake with a 1950s cake topper just didn’t seem to suit my grandparents at this time in their lives. We made a 2-tier buttercream cake with vanilla buttercream frosting–one chocolate cake tier, one vanilla cake tier and strawberry-lemon buttercream filling.

It went over very well. The look was just what we were looking for and the taste was just right–moist,flavorful cake with a strikingly delicious and surprisingly refreshing buttercream filling.

Delivering the cake was the scariest part. There could not be any mistakes. And there weren’t but I felt quite ill when we arrived. I don’t think I breathed the entire forty-five minutes.

The next day was Minnie Mouse. Baby Bella turned one and had a Minnie Mouse birthday party.

We did a 2-tier cake–one chocolate layer and one vanilla–with a light buttercream frosting and covered both tiers with marshmallow fondant. We also made cupcakes to match.

Maddy Lu used a lot of black and red food coloring that weekend. My husband is still finding bits of pink fondant.

It was a good time.

I came home with sunburn on my neck only to wrap up my hair, tie my apron around my waist, and get back to work. I was commissioned to make a blueberry pie. I love pies. I can’t find much I don’t like about them. I love to make pies (rolling out a pie crust is very soothing) and I love to eat pies (there’s nothing like cold, next-day pie). This one was a blueberry pie. Next time you make a blueberry pie put in an extra cup of blueberries (six) and add two teaspoons of fresh lemon zest to the mix. You will thank me.

Happy eating.


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  1. I found myself smiling while reading this. Such enjoyable thoughts.

  2. Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was looking for!


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