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Buying Local and Using Fresh Ingredients by Jessica Bagley

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I have been thinking a lot about how important fresh ingredients are. They make all the difference in taste, texture, and the overall appeal of whatever you’re making. It is so important to me to buy local produce for a few reasons-
1. You know where it’s coming from
2. You know the people who are benefiting from the profit
3. It improves your community
Buying local has been something on my mind since Kelsey and I started our business. Paying a little extra seems worth the trouble when you consider the benefits. It excited me that the Austins were able to get a fig tree! Since I don’t have a yard with direct sunlight, I love that my mother-in-law grows vegetables we will be able to eat this summer and fall. I especially love the idea of CHICKENS! Donna, a friend of mine who owns her own farm (, has given me quite a few tips for raising these little guys. I am so excited to set out on a new adventure raising chickens for eggs and meat. You may wonder what the benefits are to eating free range eggs. The birds that we get our eggs from in the grocery store are fed a terrible diet. Fresh eggs have 1/3 more protein, 25% less saturated fat, more vitamins A and E, and they taste so much better! Plus you can be sure they are not given any growth hormones. My father- in-law will be helping by building the coop and housing them since Andrew and I live within city limits and we don’t have any room of our own.


Check out this pretty little hen house.

These are fresh eggs from Donna’s farm- much bigger than store bought!

When we use fresh ingredients making our desserts, you benefit!


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  1. what a great chicken house!!!!


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